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Welcome To TanBio R and D Solution

TanBio R&D Solution is a pioneer research and development company. It was started on September 2016 and till now running successfully with number of mile stones. The company was incubate in Periyar Technology Business Incubator (PTBI).

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Our Services

Equipment Analysis

UV – Visible spectrophotometry
HPTLC...Read More

Scientific Writing

We regularly published articles in various peer reviewed international journals which are indexed in the categories...Read More

Student Projects

We also offers 3 months, 6 months, 1year and 3year research projects for UG (B.Tech & B.Sc.,) PG (M.Tech & M.Sc.,), M.Phil., and Ph.D., candidates. In addition to that, we also provide 15 days and 1 month training programs in research skills...Read More

Research Projects

We collaborate with various industries, universities and colleges for research projects in different...Read More

Product Department


Wetlab Techniques

Adsorption chromatography, Thin layer chromatography, Ion exchange chromatography, Gel filtration chromatography, Affinity chromatography, Hydrophobic interactions

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Drylab Techniques

Retrieving sequence data from Entrez, Secondary structure analysis of a protein using SOPMA, Retrieving articles using PubMed, Retrieving structural data of a protein

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